What's New
  • XPI launching February 24th!
  • EVM site launching Feb 22nd!
Coming soon...
  • EVM running on Mac OS X (code is already written, but not yet tested) - launching March 2004
    EVM on (email: evm <at>
  • Prof M Goedicke
  • Kai Henning
  • André Grothues
  • additional members (university project):
  • Oliver Hakim
  • Tim Franz
  • Yvonne Pioch
  • Johanes Witzens

If you want a tool for
- moving Mozilla mails to a DB,
- putting one mail into several categories (instead of folders) and just saving it once, and
- having a nice user interface for answering, forwarding, etc Mails
then EVM is the best for you (probably;-)).

Download our XPI from the installation site, test it and send us a feedback!
For contact, bugreport, support, questions or feedbacks mail us: evm <at>


With EVM, you can store your mails in a database in one or more categories. You can build categories by your own and rename them. And you may search for, and find, mails by attributes.

You can view some screenshots on the screenshot site and/or download the current XPI from the installation site.

If you are interested in the developing process, want to have more information about the EVM project, or download some documents we wrote during the developing process, just visit

For contact, bugreport, support, questions or feedbacks mail us: evm <at>

Please note: all information and programs are offered on an as is basis. All programs are provided for testing purposes only. No specific functionality and warranty can be offered or granted. In particular it can not be guaranteed that the EVM system works with other versions of the programs mentioned above.
The authors are grateful for any feedback and testing effort.
We do not take any responsibility for any content of website reached by link on our pages.
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The evm project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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