EVM XPI version 1.4

Installing EVM

EVM was implemented and tested using Mozilla 1.4 (on Windows98, WinXP, and Linux).

In addition to the evm.xpi, you will need the XPIs of the following projects:
- jslib - The JavaScript Library and
- sql - SQL support in Mozilla.
If you want to use the mozilla programs and XPIs we used on our windows systems, then download from

After the installation of the two XPIs, please make the following settings (->Edit->Preferences->SQLSupport):
- Name: mozdbtest
- Type: pgsql
- Hostname: localhost
- Port: 5432
- Database: moztest
Please make sure you have a postgres database system ready with a database named 'moztest'. Please load the evm sql-model into the database.
If you want to use the database programs and XPIs we used on our windows systems, then download from

Then download and install EVM XPI version 1.4.
If you want to know more about EVM, its installation, etc, then have a look at, especially at the documentation (note: for windows users, we also have a help on installing EVM (in German)).

For contact, bugreport, support, questions or feedbacks mail us: evm <at>

Please note: all information and programs are offered on an as is basis. All programs are provided for testing purposes only. No specific functionality and warranty can be offered or granted. In particular it can not be guaranteed that the EVM system works with other versions of the programs mentioned above.
The authors are grateful for any feedback and testing effort.
We do not take any responsibility for any content of website reached by link on our pages.
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The evm project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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